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(Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement)

HOME provides effectively coordinated Street Outreach that identifies and engages people living in unsheltered locations, such as in cars, parks, abandoned buildings, encampments, and on the streets, leveraging innovative technology and solutions for ending homelessness.

Assisting our unsheltered neighbors who might not otherwise seek assistance or come to the attention of the homelessness service system and ensures that people’s basic needs are met while supporting them along pathways toward housing stability. 

  • Closing a gap in the community with evenings and weekend Street Outreach

  • The HOME team builds rapport by offering necessities until individuals are ready to seek safer shelter and housing

  • Provides a service-rich engagement strategy providing basic necessities, meals, and cell phones to sustain connections and facilitate communication with housing providers 

  • Utilizing the Show the Way application establishes an integrated system to track and map encampments and improve opportunities with targeted service supports to those areas

  • We partner with the City of Charleston CARES department​​

Help us support our unsheltered neighbors by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist. Our Street Outreach teams work in the daytime, evenings, and weekends to ensure that our neighbors basic needs are met while supporting them along pathways toward housing stability. We appreciate your support!

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